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Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioners [18 VAC 115 ‑ 60]
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6/7/20  9:25 pm

Opposed to LCSW endorsement as LSATP; they must test!

I am amazed at the number of professionals who have desired the LSATP for the  monetary gain, since the ARTS  but were never interested in the credential before. I AM OPPOSED TO LCSW's NOT HAVING TO TEST FOR THE LSATP - for several reasons (1) the LSATP is already given to the LPC's , who have no training in addicitons and only recently have been required to complete one (1) graduate level SUD class, (2) I had to test for the LSATP in 2004 after completion of graduate school and LSATP's are not given the opportunity  to obtain the LPC or any other graduate level credential without testing, (3) I dont think that the Board of Counseling has any respect for or maintains any integrity for addictions professionals because they are ALWAYS giving the LSATP to some other already credentialed professional and does nothing for us - those with only the LSATP.    If this seems hostile , it isa the waythat I  feel because it just seems so disrespectful to be in a profession for over 25 years without any recognition, respect or equitable opportunity for obtaining other graduate level credentials from the Board of Counseling - while my credential, the LSATP,  is just given away like candy to anyone who asks for it.  

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