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Regulations Governing the Practice of Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioners [18 VAC 115 ‑ 60]
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5/31/20  11:00 pm
Commenter: Sharon Watson, LPC, LMFT, LSATP, NCC, ACS


To put it simply:

SATP Residency (200 hours supervision) + education & experience + exam = LSATP

LPC (200 hours supervision) + CSAC (100 hours supervision) + CSAC exam = LSATP


Does not and should not equate to:

LCSW (100 hours supervision) + NOTHING = LSATP


Becoming a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner requires either: 1. Substance abuse specific education, internship, and experience; 3,400 hours of total work and 2000 hours of face-to-face substance abuse treatment with 200 hours of supervision from a Supervisor with 20 hours of Clinical Supervision Training who also has met specific substance abuse education and experience requirements, and passing the examination; or 2. A license as an LPC plus certification as a CSAC; the LPC education requirement already requires a course in substance abuse, the same number of hours of work and supervision noted above and a CSAC which requires specific education, experience, the CSAC exam, and 100 hours of supervision over the course of 2000 hours of total work; therefore this option requires a total of 300 hours of supervision. 


It’s extremely important to note that in order to become an LCSW there is no requirement for substance abuse education and social work residents are required to only have 100 hours of supervision from a supervisor who is required to only have 14 hours of Clinical Supervision Training over the course of 3000 hours of work and 1,380 hours of face-to-face client contact, not the higher work and client contact hours or the 200 or 300 hours of supervision required for either of the scenarios above.  


This petition doesn’t request a waiver for the examination for an LCSW with any requirements for substance abuse education, experience, internship, or supervision specifically in substance abuse. 


Please do not denigrate licensure as an LSATP by allowing this petition to pass without requiring the same education and experience as those required for LSATP licensure or those required for endorsement that would include a CSAC in addition to licensure as a LCSW.

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