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Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling [18 VAC 115 ‑ 20]
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4/30/24  9:13 am
Commenter: Anonymous


As a current graduate intern, I have found the hours to be overwhelming. I have questioned if I even want to move forward due to the time, effort, energy, and money that I will have to invest (only to be told that those going into the field should be more focused on helping others instead of making a decent livable salary). I don't think reducing the residency hours will have that great of an impact. Nor will the reduction of supervision hours. One has to remember that in addition to the residency, most (if not all) will have to had complete an internship with their program which includes supervision hours and direct contact hours as well. A potential LPC has them and those hours of experience working in a professional capacity. While the requirements are there to ensure adequate training, they are also a barrier for those who want to enter the field. Reducing the hours is not going to create a new generation of LPC's who are not ready or unable to provide quality ethical services. However, it may encourage those who are thinking about getting into the field to move forward with the process. 

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