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Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling [18 VAC 115 ‑ 20]
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4/29/24  8:47 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Proposed Changes to Residency and Supervision Requirements

As a current supervisor who has been a supervisor since 2011 in PA and since 2019 in VA, I want to share that for various reasons there are residents who can only obtain supercision hours on a biweekly basis as they are caring for family members, working full time jobs ,  and as there are natural breaks when holidays roll around, people are ill, or when life happens. To say that supervision would have to take place only weekly is a diservice to these individuals who cannot access supervision weekly.

Please consider having flexibility about the structure of how residents obtain supervision hours as there are many who can only participate in supervision activities biweekly.

I am opposed to the decrease in the requirements as proposed here. I strongly believe in  holding our profession to the highest standards as we are in a position of providing vital specialized care to others.  I see what supervision provides and equips new counselors with, how it supports the development of a high quality skillset, and feel that adequate hours and effective supervision helps new counselors and reach higher standards. To lessen the number of direct client hours required  or to change the structure of supervision to "weekly" sessions will weaken the attainment of a strong clinical skillset and reduce what supervision provides  new professional counselors who are just starting out.   The quality of licensed professional counselors should be held in highest regard, and therefore so should their training requirements.   The current requirements as they are now are effective in ensuring that newly licensed professional counselors are well equipped to practice on their own or in a group practice, and that they provide a high quality standard of care to their clients. 


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