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6/16/23  8:30 am
Commenter: Kathy Stumm

Educational Requirements for Case Managers - Page 6

 The language describing the educational requirements for case managers is too restrictive.  Rather than listing specific degrees that are the only ones accepted, the educational requirements should be more broadly described in terms of a program of study that provides expertise in the BI field and have language such as “Have a degree in the following fields or comparable fields of study or including but not limited to the following degrees”.  Universities are too different in how they title/label their degree programs to define this with only specific degree titles.  The current approach will exclude many qualified individuals.

 Additionally, there should be a provision to “grandfather in” individuals who have been working in the BI field for many years including who have worked as BI case managers, but do not have a specific degree.  There should be provision for some discretion in this area for meeting the educational requirements by substituting years of real experience in the BI field.

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