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6/9/23  2:39 pm
Commenter: Daniela Pretzer The BridgeLine

Brain Injury Services Case Manager Staff Qualification, knowledge and skills


  1. There is obviously no guarantee that a person with a degree in social work, psychology, psychiatric rehabilitation, sociology, counseling, vocational rehabilitation, human services counseling OR is licensed by the Commonwealth as a registered nurse has any of the skills or knowledge listed in this document. We recommend to modify the language and add “or other human service degrees, or X or more years’ experience which in the opinion of the executive director (or hiring employee) is sufficient to allow the individual to perform the job.
  2. Will current employees without the specified credentials grandfathered in or do we have to fire them after years of experience in this field? Experience with this specific clientele is of high value.
  3. QBIS and CBIS are totally different certifications. CBIS requires one to have worked 500+ hours with people with brain injuries. What is the timeframe that a person has to get these certifications? We recommend that the supervisor should be CBIS certified and the new employee has a certain time frame within they need to get either certification. And CBIS certification is only good for one year and has to be renewed annually at a cost. If a reference is made it should provide a link to the actual program ( and not to a private service provider in California and Texas.
  4. CPR/FA needs to be included into skill section.

BIS CM must have knowledge of...

1. Generally: Is all this knowledge required at the time when we hire them? It is more than unlikely that anyone will apply with all the knowledge and skills required in their document. It would be helpful if there are guidelines / timeframes by when to acquire the knowledge, credentials, some skills.

2. Applicant location: If a person to be interviewed for the position as a case manager has to have the knowledge of ‘local community resources’, etc., one could only hire experienced case manager who have worked locally for years. The wording should be less stringent and allow to hire applicants from out of the area.

BIS CM Skills

1. 'Gathering information from other sources, such as family members, medical providers, social workers, and educators (if necessary) to conduct a complete needs assessment of the eligible individual. ‘ Mental Health Care provider should be added as a source.

2. ‘Observing, recording, and reporting and documenting an individual's behaviors.’ Physical, cognitive, and emotional challenge should be added to this sentence.


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