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6/9/23  2:01 pm
Commenter: Daniela Pretzer The BridgeLine


“Family” (page 2) means, for the purpose of receiving individual and family/caregiver training services, the unpaid people who live with or provide care to an individual served by the waiver and may include a parent, a legal guardian, a spouse, children, relatives, a foster family, or in-laws but shall not include persons who are compensated to care for the individual.

    1. This document is about TCM and not a/the waiver. Why is the waiver included in the definition?
    2. In some cases only compensated support is available. Does that mean that these individuals cannot receive brain injury services?

“Plan of Care (POC)” - Page 4 and throughout the document: Consider to change to Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  That term is used by CARF and more person-centered (CARF is an accreditation requirement listed).


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