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Department of Environmental Quality
Air Pollution Control Board
Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Repeal CO 2 Budget Trading Program as required by Executive Order 9 (Revision A22)
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Comment Period Ended on 3/31/2023
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3/31/23  7:06 pm
Commenter: Kyle Upton


1)  I hate to say this but I believe Gov Youngkin is doing this for his own political future.  It is known that he is interested in running for President and/or other high level political office.  Virginians should NOT be used for the political aspirations of ONE person.  Per his aspirations, Youngkin has aligned himself with the fossil fuel companies/lobbyist vs Virginians.                 

2) The repeal of RGGI is unlawful.  The 2020 law mandates that Virginia participate in RGGI.  The administration can't just brush aside the laws that it disagrees with.  Does the Board and the Board members want to break the law?                                                                                 

3) RGGI lowers air pollution.  The data shows that the RGGI is working.  Since joining RGGI, Virginia's power plant emissions have consistently decreased-by 12.5% between 2020 & 2021 and by nearly 8% between 2021 & 2022.23.  These recent reductions follow a decade without RGGI, where Virginia's emissions were "fairly constant" with "no discernible trend".  Wouldn't the lowering of air pollution reflect well on the Board? 

4) With the extreme weather the country & world has experienced due to CLIMATE CHANGE over the last decades, it's NOW clear that we need to decrease/stop air pollution ASAP.  There is a financial cost to businesses & our economy for the disruption of commerce, business/home repairs & the lost of life.  Many businesses/utilities are causing the problem, so they need to help finance the restitution of the damages.  Hopefully this will also provide motivation to reduce the pollution.  It MAKES SENSE & it is FAIR!

5) RGGI improves public health.  The decreased air pollution means fewer asthma attacks, premature births, and missed days of school & work.  In just six years, participating states realized $5.7 billion in public health benefits that to RGGI.  Individuals can be more productive (improves the economy) and not be a burden on our health system, which is a positive impact to our economy.

6) RGGII makes money.  Virginia has already received over $523 million from RGGI.  That is nearly half a billion dollars!  The should make Youngkin happy and reflect well on Yougkin & RGGI's success. 

7) RGGI is helping Virginians right now.  Virginia's participation in RGGI generates funds that are:

(a) providing safe, affordable and energy-efficient homes to low-income families in ways that were never possible before RGGI (strengthening our economy & making communities safer); and

(b) providing dedicated funding to localities to plan for & prevent recurrent flooding.  There is a massive need for this funding, especially near Hampton Roads/Norfolk.  This is a large economic and highly populated area so it should make those VOTERS happy.  It is also where a large number of our military forces are located, so it is helping our national defense.  Flooding damages, for example, will cost the state $79.1 billion if left unchecked. 



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