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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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3/14/23  10:34 am
Commenter: Susan

Protect our air and the environment!

PLEASE do not approve the variance for diesel use at data centers!  Many of the data centers (including ones now being built) are within feet of homes, schools, playgrounds and athletic fields.  The use of diesel fuel will be detrimental to all those in the area, particularly in the warm months when the variance would apply and we already have air quality alerts.  

Those of us who have opposed the building of the data centers outside of the industrial/data center area questioned the lack of power supply.  We were poo-pooed and told it was not a problem.  It IS a problem, and now were are asked not just to have the land paved over, horrible sight lines and the loss of our rural crescent, now we are being asked to deal with polluted air.  This is horribly irresponsible environmental stewardship.

A final note:  many of those who have written in support of the variance are people hoping to sell their land for data center development, at huge profit.  They will take their cash and move elsewhere.  Please protect those of us who will be affected by this decision.  Thank you.

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