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10/11/11  11:55 pm
Commenter: Sarah

It isn't discrimination!

Every mother should be allowed to choose what she feels is best for her child. When one mother believes that organic is best, no one questions her right to buy organic soaps, clothes, and foods. Another mother feels that it does not make a difference to buy organic and no one questions her right to buy what she wants either. So when a mother decides to place her child, her goal is to place him/her in an environment that he/she feels best. Her choice to place her baby in a heterosexual two-parent household should be exactly that - her choice. If another mother feels that she would like to place her child with a homosexual family, that should also be her choice. Faith-based organizations are geared toward a specific clientel, just as secular organizations are based towards a different clientel. Each person has a choice of what organization they would like to place through. Please allow each mother to make her own choices regarding her baby's future.

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