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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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3/6/23  9:56 pm
Commenter: Russ H

Let VA become the Green Data Center market leader

More and more companies are required to report their Scope 3 emissions according to Geenhouse Gas Protocol.  Increasingly their data center carbon footprint is being elevated as a concern.  Even major Cloud vendors are providing Carbon Calculators to show how much a client's workload is causing carbon emissions based on the data centers being used.  Virginia can increase its competitive stature for being the best location for data centers by ensuring in every way that the energy used in our state is from clean and carbon free sources.  While Dominion Power progresses towards green energy, we need data centers to also focus on non-carbon sources, even for backup.  Please reject the idea of using diesel fuel for generating power at data centers in VA.  Using solar and batteries instead will improve our value as a region for data centers, improve the health of residents like me by reducing toxins. and reduce global warming increases. 


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