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10/11/11  11:54 pm
Commenter: Brekke Ferguson

Children Are More Important Than Hate

I understand people who fear things like religious discrimination; however, I do not understand why they feel that their religious freedom is more important than the lives of children or any other person in their state. The language regarding discrimination should be returned to the wording of the law. If a religious agency does not wish to then follow the law, they can become a private agency as opposed to one handling state adoptions. If their morals are more important than children maybe that is the route they should take anyway. 

Homosexual couples deserve the right to provide loving homes as much as anyone else does. There are no statitstics that say that children in homosexual households are more likely to suffer child abuse and in fact there have been studies that have shown the opposite. Being gay does not mean that a person has sex in front of their kids: trust me, I know. My daughter wouldn't be the girl she is today without my girlfriend's help and I promise the only thing that she's seen of our relationship is love for each other and for her. 

The idea of "traditional" homes hasn't been a reality in quite awhile. Single parent homes are sometimes more stable than traditional homes and a homosexual couple set to offer 2 parents is just as stable as a traditional household. Arguments about how a child doesn't have a positive role model of 1 gender or the other is as much malarky as saying the only role models a child in a traditional home has are his or her parents. 

The law of the land should not discriminate against people and it should not put religious moral bigotry ahead of the needs of its people. If 32% of the children in Virginia's foster system are not in homes and stay in the system there is a problem and there are people willing to address the problem and yet you want to make laws to stand in their way. Shame on you! Protect the children by finding them families who will love them and care for them and ignore the bigoted model that those crying for "protection of religious freedom" choose to demand. 


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