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10/11/11  11:33 pm
Commenter: Cathy Marshall, private citizen

Do Not Discriminate Against the Originators of Adoption Services

Virginia should not discriminate against faith based organizations which have First Amendment protections under our Constitution.  No government entity should ever attempt to coerce a religious or private organization into violating its beliefs by forcing such an organization to place innocent children into homosexual environments.  Even before this country existed the Christian Churches were caring for widows and orphans as explained in the New Testament.  If churches are driven out of providing this service, homosexual adoption will become the preferred option.  Reputable social science confirms what is obvious in nature: chuldren are best served by being raised by both a mother and a father.  It would be a serious breach of transparency and trust for any agency to allow a child to be placed for adoption or foster care with a homosexual couple without the expressed written permission of the birth mother or birth parents.  How many birth mothers would be willing to release a child if they thought the child would be raised by two mothers or two fathers instead of a mother and a father?  A number of states have already stopped allowing faith based organizations to place children for adoption because of their policies against homosexual adoption.  If Virginia adopts such a policy fewer children will be available for adoption by heterosexual couples and fewer children will be raised in traditional homes.  More children will be raised in homes that promote homosexual behavior which leads to serious health consequences necessitating expensive tax paid interventions and significant increases in health insurance premiums to cover the cost of unhealthy sexual practices which lead to premature death and debilitating disease.  Especially during these lean economic times, we do not need to "experiment" nor increase the burden on taxpaers.  The adage that "God always forgives, man sometimes forgives, nature never forgives," should remind us to respect our Creator's laws of nature to avoid natural detrimental consequences.  If we wish to respect nature when it comes to eating organic and building green, why not have the same attitude toward the most fundamental relationship of the family, the building block of society?

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