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10/11/11  10:58 pm
Commenter: Heather Gragg

Preserve Religious Freedom

It would be an outrageous violation of religious freedom to "discriminate" against faith-based agencies mandating who they must work with through the adoption process.  I understand a world that attempts to be politically correct but in an attempt to reduce discrimination, it would in turn discriminate against faith-based agencies and their clients who believe children should be adopted into a home with similar values.  Isn't this proposal exchanging one type of discrimination for another?  Birthmothers who hold similar beliefs to these faith-based agencies should have the opportunity to be guided by professionals who are not pinned by rules and regulations they do not feel comfortable with.  Despite background, race, religion, or sexual orientation, there are currently ways to proceed with adoption.  Are we too weak as a society to realize that variety, choices, and practicing our individual religious faith is what defines freedom?  It begs the question, if we remove these choices, differences, and the ability to practice our faith through outlets such as adoption, have we lost our freedom.  I believe it means we have.  Please uphold the right to religious freedom and support faith-based agencies to proceed with adoptions as they see fit.

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