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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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3/5/23  7:24 pm
Commenter: Wendy C Ault, MD

NO to the variance! Insist the industry step up to environmental responsibility!!!

This variance is the nose of the camel ! It is unconscionable to coddle and beg a multibillion dollar industry with tax breaks and environmental variances when our stated goals as a county and a state are to become carbon nuetral and protect the environment!!!  If we dont have clean power and renewables adequate to this industry, DONT BUILD OUt AnY MORE of these no doubt soon to by obsolete UGLY scars on the landscape!!! The lure of ever increasing amounts of data, and ever faster internet is an addiction that covers our irresponsible management of our digital lives! The industry must be pushed to clean up its act, and we as consumers need to prune our cloud use and demands for unlimited cloud storage!! 

We need data centers- but we dont need to beg the industry to concentrate here at increasing environmental cost- These massive warehouses and racks of computers running 24/7 will soon be obsolete- 

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