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10/11/11  10:49 pm
Commenter: Ashley H

Dont deny a child

I am 24 years old, with 2 bachelor's degrees so far and currently practicing as an RN in Richmond. I plan on continuing my education within the next few years to get my masters degree, and possibly doctorate after that. My partner is also a 24 year old, with 2 degrees, practicing as an RN in Richmond. We both have stable jobs with a good income, living in a 3 bedroom house with our dog. We both enjoy children, and would love to have one of our own in a few years. We are committed, loving, and family oriented. We are responsible, tax paying citizens that lead a productive life in our society. So the only reason that these two people described could not adopt a child that is in need is because we are two females? As educated as we are, how ridiculous! For the sake of the children, not us, please do not discriminate when placing children in need.

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