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10/11/11  10:47 pm
Commenter: Sue Bailey

Preserve Religious Freedom

I am devastated to learn there is a proposed adoption regulation that would discriminate against faith-based child placement agencies forcing them to place adopted children with homosexual couples.   I am an adult adoptee as well as an adoptive parent.  My family has an open relationship with my son's birth family.  My son's birthparents chose my husband and I to place their biological son with us.  This gave them the comfort of knowing their biological son would be parented by who they wanted.  They first chose the adoption agency they wanted to work with which was a faith based agency which would assist them in finding parents with the same religious beliefs. Having a personal relationship with my son's birthparents, I know they would have never considered adoption if there was a chance their baby would have gone to a homosexual couple.  They would have just become another statistic of teens raising a baby.  Please continue to let people have choices!  There are agencies that already allow homosexual couples to adopt.  If gay couples want to adopt or biological parents want a gay couple to parent their child, then they can go to an agency that allows this practice.  If birthparents or pre-adoptive parents want to work through an agency that supports their faith-based beliefs, then they can go to the agency that best suits their needs.  Please reject the proposed regulation that would discriminate against faith-based child placement agencies by forcing them to adopt children to homosexuals or cease performing their mission of helping children.

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