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3/2/23  1:34 pm
Commenter: Wanda Smith

Yes to the variance

Those who are posting against the variance for data centers are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Yes, I can see why you are against data centers. But would you rather endure long power outages in your homes that letting the data centers lighten the load would prevent? And what about schools, hospitals, and emergency services. It would be disastrous to allow them to experience power outages when simply giving the order for the data centers to go off the grid would prevent this.

Some of you aren't reading the DEQ wording for the variance, which states that the data centers won't be taken off the grid during the entire months of March, April, May, June, and July, but only when DEQ sees it is necessary to prevent power outages, and then only temporarily until it becomes safe to let them go back on line.

Also, they are requiring strict monitoring by the electrical utilities and DEQ to minimize pollution during such times as the variance is needed.

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