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10/11/11  10:20 pm
Commenter: Ellen Hardy

Preserve religious freedom

Too often today organizations supporting th ehomosexual agenda make emotional appeals that overlook the facts and the laws of our country.

Fact: Many organizations that handle adoptions are faith-based.  If it were not for the work of these organizations, fewer children would be adopted. Both the article in the Richmond Times Dispatch this Sunday by Robert Keeling and many of the comments on this site suggest that more children would be adopted if the faith-based agencies were required to ignore sexual preferences when matching for adoptions.  The fact is that many of these organizations would close their operations if forced to violate their faith.

Law:  If the state Board of Social Services were to prevent faith-based private adoption agencies from considering the faith of the adoptive and birth parents when matching children with families for adoption, they would clearly be ignoring the Article in our Constitution that says that government shall not make any laws preventing the practice of religion.

Please do not succumb to the emotional arguments of those opposing the regulations as they were originally correctly proposed.   

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