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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/28/23  9:29 pm
Commenter: Laurie Carrigan

I Don't Want to Live in an Industrial Park

I am very disappointed in the comments and direction elected officials are making on this issue. Gainesville and Haymarket are highly populated areas. They are not rural but suburban. If I wanted to live in an industrial park or a city, I would have moved to those areas. If I wanted to live near an airport or railroad, I'd live there. It is unfair and entirely wrong for nine people to so drastically change a community affecting so many residents and so quickly. I pay $600 a month to live in Gainesville - just to have a house in this area. That is a lot of money. Overall, I pay 25K per year in taxes combined. And the only thing I get in return for those taxes is access to parks. These data centers will threaten my parks, the landscape, the environment, my home's value. I have received nothing for approximate  $130,000 I have paid into this community. I get zero benefit for that money. I don't get opportunities. I don't get any assistance. I get nothing that improves my life, health, or aids in my wellbeing, employment, education, etc. except access to parks. Now, unlike many of my neighbors, I am happy to help others. I support public education and public health. However, I would like to have something that I can point to, and say, "I get this ____ benefit for my hard-earned money." But I am regularly denied such benefits because I am a worker. And now I am being asked to give away more.  I am being told to put off retirement, work harder and longer, pay more and more in taxes (3K more since 2018), and now I can't even have a quite place to live. Now I must live in an industrial park packed in like sardines because there is money out there for you and developers? I have to give you more. I have to have even less and still pay more for it?  

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