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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/28/23  3:15 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

No to the variance

I plead for this variance to not be approved. I live in a neighborhood that has just been surrounded by an area that has just been rezoned from rural to light industrial for data centers. My neighborhood is engulfed on 3 sides by what it is expected to be 13 massive buildings almost 100’ tall with a negligible buffer from existing homes.
I have lived in a “developing country” for many years that had no regulations on vehicle emissions. I used to go for a run near my home, around a stadium in which one side was adjacent to a major road where trucks, run by diesel. Several trucks drove by that two lane road day and night. I can tell you, from experience, that the smell surrounding the stadium and all blocks adjacent to that major road was hideous. I skipped the side of the stadium that abutted that road and only ran on the other three, but I could not do so for long because the smell made me nauseous and gave me headaches. (In case you are wondering, people ran around the stadium because it was safe). 
Now, I just cannot believe that there is a variance being considered that would allow data centers to run diesel generators under certain circumstances. I am already in disbelief that my neighborhood will be engulfed by data centers, and it makes me sick to think that these may now be allowed to run on diesel generators! I do not want to be subjected and have my family subjected to the smell and health impacts that diesel pollution can and will generate on the residents who live near these data centers that have been irresponsibility approved near existing residential areas. I am very familiar with this pollution and do not want it near me, my family, and my community.

Please DO NOT approve this variance and consider PROTECTING and ADVOCATING for citizens in Virginia. Thank you.

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