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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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2/28/23  11:51 am
Commenter: Alleyn S Harned

Emissions harm - use other technology than diesel

Any waiver should only be presented on a brief timescale such as years or bienium.  Virginia and the nation are on a transition pathway in statute to reduce emissions to net zero by 2045.  Any waiver should be temporary with a terminus at or before that time.  

Electric power generation is possible from a range of generator fuels, and a reliance on diesel for generation is not in line with current energy structure of the Commonwealth which produces no petroleum.  Emergency generators with diesel fuel or bunker fuel should not be allowed to operate and should be transitioned to lower emission energy sources including backup batteries, hydrogen, natural gas, renewable natural gas from waste streams, wind, and flywheels and other technology. 

Data centers should consider large vehicle to grid power projects, presenting community partnerships where vehicle to grid offload could time with their power needs while reducing the cost to consumers for technology offerings and fuel.  

Federal funding is underway for grid resilience and these data centers and utilities and communities should submit proposals to federal government for this work. 

Virginia and these counties are home to many residents, who breathe air, all generation should be monitored around these sites and the unhealthy exposure generated and fines should apply to pass resource to those communities directly harmed by the toxic exposure.  Residents should be alerted visibly and audibly for all uses of large-scale diesel generator use. 

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