Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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2/28/23  9:00 am
Commenter: Jessica Newton

It’s almost like we knew this would happen??

Please — for the love of all that is good in the world, search deep within yourself and think about what you’ve done. We knew this data center plan was not planned out very well, that it would destroy our land, and now this bandaid you’re putting on the problem of running diesel so we can ease up on the power grid  will ruin our air quality too. Your greed knows NO bounds. I think it’s pretty clear that everyone who lives here that ISN’T making money off the whole situation so they can LEAVE is wholly opposed to what you are doing. I’ve been to these meetings and honestly — who’s there patting you on the back but data center employees and people you’ve bribed for their favor. It’s pretty sad…… you’ve been given so much by being elected — people believed in you to protect us.  Using your power for personal profit instead of taking what power you have and using it responsibly WILL come back to you. For every action there is an equal and greater reaction. I hope you’re ready. 

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