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2/28/23  12:43 am
Commenter: Z Amberleigh Station Family

Dumb & Dummer (Hitting Us During Covid) to Bad & Worse (Now the Roar of Diesels...Too Much)

Gov. Youngkin and VA Officials,

For ruining our retirement, followed by digging our graves.  How can anyone with more than an inch forehead give the 11 data centers allowance to run at least 220 diesel generators until 2025?

This just adds to the list of horrors that we already have:

-Only 100' of easement to the 80-foot walls of the data centers.

-Crazy 74 decibels of continuous noise.

-No more birds or wildlife animals.

-No more outside barbeques in the back yard or just being contemplative.

-No more viewing of sunrises, as they will be covered by buildings.

-Decline in the value of our property and with high interest rates, being unable to move.

-Making us a target to any of our adversaries, providing more C2 centers.

     ....quite nice of all of you, definitely not good upbringing on your part as you missed the basic: 'golden rule' and 'love one another, as I have loved you' tenents.

All Virginia government types should exchange houses with us in Amberleigh Station as you would surely stop the construction of the 11 data centers by our development immediately.


God's speed,



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