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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/27/23  7:57 pm
Commenter: Samuel Bevard

NO to all waivers! YES to a northern Virginia moratorium on Data Center approval and construction!!

There are over 300 Data Centers in Virginia.  Of those 300+ Data Centers, 275 of those are in Northern Virginia.  Enough is enough; stop the sprawl of these industrial giants in our communities.  They are big and ugly.  With their huge concrete walls and security fences, they look like prisons.  Who wants to buy a home or live next to that?  Additionally, they drawl huge amounts of power and will soon be zapping our electrical grid.  Couple this with the fact that more and more people are switching to electric vehicles.  In the not too distant future, we will be desperately struggling to produce enough power and will probably experience brown-outs.  Then, the Data Centers will want to run diesel generators to make their power (and want a variance or "permission" for the smoke/pollution that they cause.)  Look at the problems California is having with not enough electrical power and clean water.  Do we want to blindly set up ourselves for shortages of the basic things we all use and need?  Do we want the unsightliness to grow up around us?

Recently, actor Robert Duvall gave a speech in Warrenton, Virginia to try and block the building of another Data Center there.  He could easily afford to live in any place he chose, however, he chose that area because he said it was "The last stop before Heaven". 

Friends, neighbors, citizens: preserve it, protect it, save it and don't spoil it.  Enjoy it while we still have it!     

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