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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/27/23  3:11 pm
Commenter: Kari Compean


Residents don't want to live next to noise and air pollution that generators will create.

Stop building data centers in residential areas. We want to live next to green space. 

If a data center can't figure out how to strategize electricity use with clean energy sources like solar power, then we shouldn't be approving these projects to move forward with construction.

If you approve data centers to run diesel generators next to neighborhoods, what kind of message are you sending to kids living in Virginia.

"Don't pollute. Use resources wisely." But if money is involved then all of our values no longer matter. Citizens can't pollute but it's ok for big powerful corporations.

If the grid can't handle the data centers, they need to be placed elsewhere. It's common sense. 

And I don't appreciate how we can change laws to suit big business, but the state can't take the time to measure noise levels or air quality impacts of the generators running next to homes and schools. 

Don't pollute Virginia. Don't ruin the places we live and breathe.



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