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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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2/27/23  7:34 am
Commenter: N.L.

No data centers in residental areas! No diesel in residental areas!

Why the urge to plop them in the middle of many family friendly areas? Why not plop them out in nowhere near a highway where nobody lives? 
why use diesel? Why not make a requirement for environment friendly options, such as solar??!!! Cars are switching to energy efficient and environment friendly options. Many people start adding solar panels to their homes for same reasons and to save cost. Once we run out of oil, science says in the next 20ish years?! Then what!!! We are stuck in. Town with giant cement blocks and by then we all turned into zombies, criminals and drug addicts to deal with the impact!!! 
don‘t just think of what the town gets from it, also think what people get from it, and that is nothing! 

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