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10/11/11  9:56 pm
Commenter: Kelly Pizzino

Preserve religious freedom

Not anywhere, in our great constitution, did our founding fathers even hint at forcing those of any faith to participate in practices outside of their belief system.  To force faith-based agencies to place with individuals who live in a manner that opposes marriage and the family as they believe God intended, is discriminatory to every person who practices any faith that stands against homosexuality.  

I am a birthmother who placed a son for adoption through a private, licensed, faith-based agency in Virginia.  I moved to your state to work with this agency and found great support and guidance.  This agency upheld my own personal religious beliefs and helped me learn to better live according to those beliefs.  If this proposed regulation were in place at the time I was in crisis and needing help, I never would have moved to Viriginia to get help.  I am a person of faith and sought out an agency that could serve me and help my child in a way that, as his parent, I believed was best for him.  This new proposal would have violated my right as a birthmother to not include homosexuals or gays as part of an adoption plan for my child.

After my own adoption experience, I stayed in Virginia to return to college.  After college, I decided to become an adoption professional.  I know personally and professionally that faith-based agencies help relieve the over-worked government social workers.  They have their place in our country and serve a great purpose.  It is not expected that all will agree with their standards, but that is part of what makes America the best country.  Do not continue to chip away at our religious freedoms because a well-funded, scaremongering organization wants to further their agenda to make everyone agree with them.  It's a hypocrisy that needs to be addressed and resisted by every local, state and national leader in America.



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