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Department of Environmental Quality
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2/26/23  1:21 pm
Commenter: Kelly Tuttle

No variance for diesel generators and no more data centers

I second the sentiment of other residents, stop the continued overdevelopment of residential areas with data centers that only exacerbate our resources. Our infrastructure cannot support these energy hogs. And as a result, data centers and other businesses should not be granted special use to create excessive pollution to our homes and schools. Industrial and light industrial do not belong mixed in with our neighborhoods, schools, and open spaces. The areas are zoned agricultural and residential for a reason - keep them that way. 
Why is Prince William County considering even allowing MORE data center development if the DEQ fears Northern Virginia lacks the electricity to power them?  It is time for this county and this state to say NO MORE.  We are already experiencing unforeseen consequences regarding power, noise and carbon emissions.  It is RECKLESS and NEGLIGENT to continue down this path.  A proposed waiver/variance does NOT solve the issue- it exacerbates it as MORE pollution is introduced into the environment.  The continued decimation of hundreds of acres of rural land in favor of data centers is removing more trees- our natural miracle to clean our air and protect against climate change.  

STOP putting Virginia citizens' health and our environment at RISK.  Please place the VALUE of Virginia and its residents OVER data centers.  We deserve and demand better! We get ONE chance to PROTECT our ENVIRONMENT AND QUALITY OF LIFE.  

DO NOT allow Data Centers to run diesel generators because they have overextended our electric grid. Virginia is worth more than their profits! 


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