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10/11/11  9:52 pm
Commenter: Jacquelin Branche

Preserve Religious Freedom

I am very proud to be an American and to live in a country where I have the freedom to love Jesus Christ, the very foundation upon which this country was built. I am thankful that our nation is founded upon a democracy and not a dictatorship. That said, please do not slowly chip away at these freedoms. 

I do not know whether I will ever be in a position where I will adopt or place a child for adoption but I know that as a Christian, I want the assurance, as much as possible, that I still have the option of seeking the services of an agency that believes as I believe. That is, a marriage should be just as God ordained it to be and children should be raised in a Christian home with Christian parents who love Jesus Christ enough do what He tells us to do. Thank you.

Mrs. Jackie Branche 

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