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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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2/26/23  10:42 am
Commenter: Alysha Gawhary

DEQ variance illegal, unhealthy and unethical

The DEQ should be prosecuted for malfeasance if they allow the variance and definitely sued by those of us in close proximity to the data center. Especially the families of the schools surrounded by these diesel monsters. The average data center consumes 200W of power per square foot. For every 1 million square feet of data center, they would have to produce 200MWh of power from their generators. Generators of that size consume about 78gal of diesel for every MWh produced. That is 15,600 gals of diesel for every hour they are running. Using the EPA formula for Co2 emissions, that is 158.8 Metric Tons of Co2, per hour. Apparently they are only allowed to run them for 100 hours a year, if that is true then that is 15,880 Metric tons of Co2 per year. The Devlin Tech proposal is for 4 million square feet. So multiply those numbers by 4. We are not going to stand for this! Make the right decision please!!!

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