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Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
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2/24/23  3:14 pm
Commenter: Fred Spurlock

Do not grant a waiver for Data Centers to use diesel generators during brown outs.

DEQ should be giving more attention to protecting the citizens of VA from the Brown Outs instead of giving waivers for air quality violations to the very companies that are contributing to the brown outs.

This situation should be viewed as a RED FLAG.  If we don't have enough power to supply the needs of VA with the EXISTING DATA CENTERS, why are we even considering approving rezoning applications for 75-100 more Data Centers?

DEQ should initiate a STATEWIDE POWER STUDY to determine the impacts of data centers on our existing power grid and then build the infrastructure according to a PLAN.  No more data centers should be approved until the impact of the centers has been determined.

This variance should be stopped the Operators should be required to find a better solution than to just run their generators.  Maybe they have to SPEND MORE OF THEIR MONEY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM THAN SPENDING OUR TAX DOLLARS.

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