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10/11/11  8:56 pm
Commenter: Brandy Pope

Preserve Religious Freedom

The proposed regulation in Virginia for all adoption agencies to be required to place children with homosexuals violates the beliefs of Christian Agencies and the birth families & adoptive families that work with them.  It is the right of Christian Americans to be able to work with an agency that targets the families that they desire to have a life-long relationship with.  By imposing "equal rights" for homosexuals, you are taking away the "equal rights" for Christians.  There are plenty of agencies that offer placement services to homosexuals, but it should not be mandated that ALL adoption agencies be required to do so.  As an adoptive family, we were able to trust that the Christian Agency that we chose to work with screened both birth families and adoptive families to ensure that we have the same family values; therefore we have had a successful open relationship with our child's birth family.  Which is the most important part of adoption...having a happy child that is fulfilled and birth & adoptive families that can join together in loving a child.  Homosexuality does not have to mandated into every nook & cranny of the world.  Homosexuality is prevalent in our society, they have options for adopting a child, but it should not be a requirement of EVERY adoption agency.  We all have rights...even Christians!  And I have the right to work with an agency that does not cater to that venue of life. 

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