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10/11/11  8:52 pm
Commenter: Jennifer Michie, Virginia Resident

The time for change is now

There is a reason for the separation between church and state, though in this instance it seems that the lines are still a bit blurred.

While we argue and debate over why it's okay or not okay to discriminate against an entire class of people based on whom they love, the children of this great state are the ones that suffer. These children need loving, stable homes and religious groups should not be permitted to rule out prospective parents that can provide these healthy, loving, supportive environments, because it goes against their religious beliefs to accept a male-male or female-female life partnership. This is not about religion. It is about love, stability and family. These are basic human rights that cannot be denied based on religious beliefs. If the prospective parent or parents in question as well as the home environment, are healthy for the child, then where is the debate?

The time for change is now! End this blind and harmful discrimination now!

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