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10/11/11  8:35 pm
Commenter: H. Lucas Ginn

Support Non-discrimination in Adoption

With thousands of children in need of a loving home, it would be immoral and a form of child abuse for the State of Virginia to turn down prospective adoptive parents because of their sexual orientation. Numerous studies from reputable scholars have repeatedly demonstrated that gay and lesbian singles and couples are just as capable of providing a loving, supportive home environment as their heterosexual counterparts.  Opponents of gay and lesbian parents argue that a heterosexual household headed by a husband and wife is best for children.  Even if this was true, there are not enough married heterosexual couples willing to adopt unwanted children.

Every child deserves a home and a family. Too many children are being shuffled from home to home in a dysfunctional foster care system or forced to grow up in impersonal state institutions.  To deny these children every opportunity to have loving parents and a place to call home is criminal. The State of Virginia must not permit bigotry, superstition, and unfounded stereotypes to override the solid evidence that children raised by gay and lesbian singles and couples are just as healthy and well-adjusted as their peers raised by married heterosexual couples.

H. Lucas Ginn (Arlington, VA)


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