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10/11/11  8:09 pm
Commenter: Jeff and Pam Campbell

Preserve Religious Freedom

We support the current ability of child placement agencies to decide on the best placement option for the child.  Religious beliefs, including marriage and family life, must be allowed to be considered for the agencies involved.

Children benefit when placed in traditional families where both a mother and father are present and actively involved.  Agencies have a mission to support the foundational rights of religious liberty in the selection process.

Many of the faith-based agencies in our community provide vital and beneficial services without governmental intrusion and burdensome regulations that restrict their ability to help families.  They should NOT be forced to do something which is against the tenets of their faith and the fundamental right of birthparents and prospective parents who uphold these same values.

Failure to uphold religious freedoms erodes at the very basis of our society.  We are One Nation Under God, and God has provided us with his Word, the Holy Bible, to guide and instruct us.  We must not abandon that which is greater than all of us to appease those who choose to ignore the truth as evident in His Word. 

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