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10/11/11  6:11 pm
Commenter: Catherine Hassinger

Preserve religious freedom

One of the foundational (and, at the time, radical!) concepts in the birth of the USA was the right to practice one's faith without discrimination or interference from the government.       

On April 20, the State Board of Social Services correctly upheld the fundamental right of faith-based agencies to continue their work in social services without governmental intrusion into the practice of their faith.  The decision by the State Board protects the practice of faith of the agency AND of the biological parent(s) who is placing their child for adoption.

These faith-based agencies are private organizations.  An individual who does not prescribe to that faith is not under any state mandate to use that agency to adopt. Denying protection to faith-based agencies, however, would be denying the rights of biological parents and others within the Commonwealth to practice their faith without interference by the government.   

I urge the State Board to protect religious freedom in the Commonwealth and affirm the decision reached on Sept. 20 to allow faith-based agencies to operate without government intrusion into their practice of faith.

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