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10/11/11  6:07 pm
Commenter: Jane Elaine

Preserve Religious Freedom

Catholic adoption agencies need to be allowed to choose not to give children to same-sex couples. Taking away this freedom encroaches upon our religious freedom. Though society fails to recognize it, Catholics know that children need to be raised in a stable environment. For full and proper development, children need to be exposed to both strong male and female role model. Without the presence of one, their up-bringing is skewed.

I fail to see the necessity of forcing Catholic adoption agencies to go against their faith. With other secular adoption agencies that are willing to do this, why must same-sex couples bother with the Catholic ones? The government does not have the right to force us to do things prior to our faith, especially in this case: no one is harmed by our policies, and it is not instrinsically wrong.

When we break down the foundations of the family, our society will undoubtedly begin to break down also.

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