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10/11/11  5:56 pm
Commenter: Susannah Harvey

Equal rights for all Virginians

I'm a person who believes in reason.  Even in upsetting situations, I prefer a reasoned response to an emotional reaction.  Few things truly raise my ire or inspire an empassioned response from me.  One thing that gets my fire going is the notion that this great commonwealth, in which I live, does not allow equal rights for its citizens. 

Nobody should be determined fit or unfit for parenthood or adoption based upon their sexuality.  Parenting is a commitment to love and responsibility to a child.  The fundamental guidelines are provide love and limits and let a human being grow into him or herself.  It doesn't matter if the parent is gay or straight; black or white.  So long as an adult can provide a loving home in which a child can be enriched and supported, that adult should have the right to adopt with the same processes as any other.

End this archaic discrimination now.  Allow all potential parents the same rights and processes for adoption and building of families.

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