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10/11/11  5:24 pm
Commenter: Claire Tuite, APV member and local business owner


I am disappointed that this a converstaion even happeing. That said I am willing to join and give my opinion as a responsible citizen in the state of Virginia. The fact that our lawmaker's would even consider not opening up adoption services to a broader base of eager parents is deplorable. The adoption proccess is  understandably a stringent one. I do not believe that we should give children to just anyone. That said, i do not beliebe there is a risk here of that happeing. I am 27 and I own a store in Carytown. I plan on being a successful woman and this particular debate is very emotional for me as I would love to adopt when I have the means to. I have always wanted to be a mother and to me that does NOT entail giving birth. It means being able to provide the means to survive while showering a child with love, affection and learning. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be able to provide that but what if I don't have a husband? What if I don't belive in marrige? What if I become disabled? I do not see any of this hindering my ability to be a good mother to a child but yet this argument might lead one to believe otherwise. I think everyone's main point of process sould be to get this children in fitting and loving homes and not worry whether is is a traditonal, heterosexual, married and able bodied home. That does nothing but hurt the children. Thank you .

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