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10/11/11  4:54 pm
Commenter: Deanne Hamlette, FLS

Preserve Religious Freedom

I am respectfully asking that you reject the legislation that would discriminate against faith-based agencies that believe that a family unit should be built on the foundation of a heterosexual couple.  I realize that there are many differing opinions about what consistutes a family and what may be best for a child in need of an adoptive family, however, I firmly believe that private child-placing agencies should be able to approve or deny prospective adoptive families for the agency's adoption program based on whether their beliefs about religion and family make-up are consistent with the beliefs of the agency's policies. 

To deny a private organization/adoption agency the right to make this decision would be a violation of religious freedom in Virginia and would limit the ability of faith-based agencies to impact the community in the way that they have been able to for years and years. 

Thank you, in advance, for considering this matter further.

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