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10/11/11  4:19 pm
Commenter: Annette Sherman

Just like you...

Time and again when people get to know a gay or lesbian couple they find they are just like them. They work, play, pay taxes, have pets, have homes, participate in volunteer activities, are active in their churches (because God does not hate anyone) have friends of all kinds, and mostly have a large capacity to care for others.  Most I know are compassionate and loving to all.  Why punish children who might otherwise never make it out of Virginia's over burdened foster care program when there are loving singles and couples who would love and cherish the opportunity to rear a young person and teach them that everyone has value?  Please keep religion out of your decision but do keep focused on the children who would lose out if gays and lesbians were prohibited from adopting.  Thanks.

Annette Sherman

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