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10/11/11  1:43 pm
Commenter: Mark Hiner

Prevent discrimination against children. Put the KIDS FIRST!

Thank you for the important work you do, and for the opportunity to weigh in on this critical topic.  Let us be clear:  this is a black and white issue.  This is an issue of discrimination.  Not discrimination against religious freedom, but discrimination against children without families.

As a Christian, it angers and saddens me to see so many individuals attempting to justify their bigotry and hate as religious freedom.  Jesus never told us to hate others because they were different.  He did, however, guide us to look out for the most vulnerable among us.  Children without families certainly fall into that category, and should not be deprived of loving families just because people in charge of their care would rather see them suffer than be happy with a family that does not fit a narrow and prejudiced view of what should constitute a family.

Please consider not only the number of comments you receive, but also the thoughtfulness of those comments.  I see so many posts promoting discrimination that have the same title and text.  This is clearly a well-orchestrated political campaign (by tax-exempt institutions no less) to impose their will on the people.

As we look back on earlier struggles where wrong-minded people have attempted to limit the rights and freedoms of those whom they hate for their differences, we find that history always comes down on the side of justice.  Not too many years ago, interracial marriages and adoptions would have suffered from the same indignities now being visited on gay and lesbian adoptions.  There is no doubt how history judged that issue.  There is no doubt how history will judge this issue.

This issue is in your hands.  Please act according to what you know is just and right.  Please act to prevent kids from being kept from the loving homes they deserve.  Please act to prevent discrimination veiled as religious freedom.  Please put the children first.


How will history judge you?

Thank you.

Very respectfully,


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