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10/11/11  12:26 pm
Commenter: Jim Vass


The break down of the family, single parent, both parents missing in action (working trying to support a life style of larger home, auto, TV, boat, etc.) has been a major contributer to the undesireable changes in our country. Tolerance, acceptance are what has been taught to our children and by strict definition sounds good; however, when it is misused to accomplish something which only lends itself to the further distruction of the orginal plan for the family-on man, one woman, it is just wrong. No matter what this government declares is law, there must never be a governmental requirement for adoption agencies to go against their spiritual beliefs. You simply do not have the right to tell them they must allow adoption of a child to what is believed to be a objectionable, harmful family structure. This is also true of requiring a Christian Doctor to perform an abortion, that must never happen.

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