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10/11/11  11:16 am
Commenter: B.H.

Adoption/Foster parenting by LGBT persons

I urge everyone to investigate and consider the facts concerning this issue. We have too many children in need of loving, stable home environments with parents or guardians who care for the & seek to preserve their best interests. I know many families with one or two parents who are LGBT and whose children are cared for with unwavering love & support. The religious objections of one segment of society not be allowed to bar anyone in the public from access to the governmental processes of adoption/foster care. Religiously-affiliated organizations should not be required to compromise their moral beliefs either. But the government has a vested interest in caring for its citizens, particularly the provision of safe, loving homes for children in need of adoption or foster care. Please allow open hearts and open homes to be made available for the very real needs of Virginia's children.

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