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10/11/11  10:56 am
Commenter: Heather L. Anderson

It isn't who we fall in love with that defines us as human beings

There are no regulations or discrimination when it comes to procreating.  Yet countless instances occur every year where children are brought into this world with no regard to their safety or well-being.  Yet when these children cannot be cared for by the biological parents by either their own recognizance or that of the child welfare system there becomes a whole new standard for their destiny.  This "new standard" is not based on any premise for their well being but rather a diagram for continuance on a path that further allows the injustice that began when they were so carelessly brought into this cold cruel world.  Why wouldn't these agencies take advantage of the opportunities presented in a plethora of loving homes that are open and willing to adopt these children and give them a chance at a better life?  Why does it become more important as to who these people choose to love as opposed to how they love?  Why do these agencies choose to continue to fail these children who have begun life's path with the odds stacked against them?  The only answer I can come up with is ignorance, that dark place where prejudice is born and where hate can grow.  We need to take this opportunity to stand up to these agencies and state the most obvious fact; it isn't who we fall in love with that defines us as human beings, but rather our ability to give love without stipulations.


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