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10/11/11  10:47 am
Commenter: Kathy Brown

Preserve religious freedom

I ask you to preserve the religious freedom of faith-based adoption agencies which have served our great Commonwealth for many years, protecting children and placing many many children with wonderful adoptive families,   Two of these organizations are Catholic Charities and Bethany Family Services - they do great work for our commonwealth and I know many families who have adopted children through their services.

We should not close down faith based organizations which accomplish so much positive work in VA,  The committee voted 7-2 to protect faith based organizations and I ask you to uphold their vote.  There are other organizations already in place which are not faith based and do place children with gay parents.  Children are our most precious natural resource and we should do all we can to place them through faith-based and secular organziations -both are needed and wanted.

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