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10/11/11  10:42 am
Commenter: Kim Hypes

Homosexual Marriage and Adoption

Homosexuals are citizens just the same as whites, blacks, and any other nationality!  Illegal imagrints live in our country and they have the right to marry and adopt children.  Why should homosexuals be treated any different.  If you love another person, whos right is it to say you can't marry or adopt a child.  There are many children today who live in an abusive home with a mother and a father.  There are many children living on the streets with their mother and father.  Who have no food, water, or shelter over them.  If a gay or lesbian couple can offer a child a loving, caring home, there should be no reason for that to happen.  EVERY CHILD DESEVIES A CHANCE AT A GOOD LIFE.  Whether it be with 2 mothers, 2 fathers, or a mother and father.  Grow up Virginia, Get a grip, Join the real world!!!!!  Get your heads out of your a---!!!!!!!

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