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10/11/11  10:31 am
Commenter: Jo Anne Scott Webb Va resident, adoptive parent

Support for the April 20 Decision

As a parent who experienced the adoption process 2 times, I am ever thankful  that we had the option to work with a faith based placment service  both times.  As adults marrying later in life, we pursured every option we knew or heard about both secular and faith based. With our first adoption we as well as our birthmom received extensive counseling.    Both our birth families decided to work with this agency because it was faith based and knowing their daughters would receive both loving care, counseling and excellent medical attention.  Both birthmom chose us and as the years have passed our relationship with them and their families  continues to develp.  Contrary to much of what is said and heard there are  not many children to adopt in the US, therefore many couple go the international route.  Faith based agencies do not detract from other beliefs but provide more optionsfor birth families and in a sense mor ecompetition.   A two parent home with a mother and father continues to be best opportunity for the nuturing of children.  This does not stop birthmothers from choosing to place with single parents and homosexal couples.  Faith based placement service do not take from the tax payer dollars but only add to the services available for birth and adoptive families.  We support the correct  decision of the State Board of Social Services, on April 20,  for the fundemental right of faith based agenceis to continue their work with birth parents and adoptive families without the intrusion of government regulations.

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