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10/11/11  10:13 am
Commenter: Kathy Mallard, Candidate, 48th District, VA House of Delegates

Please Preserve Religious Freedom and respect Faith Based agencies

It is not necessary to force faith based child placement agencies to place children in GLTB homes. Why would you want to do that ?  It is already possible for GLTB individuals to adopt through other agencies and it is tragic that you would want to force faith based child placement agencies to have to shut their doors. 

There are many children in need to go around and it is critical that a child be placed in a home that most closely resembles the background and beliefs of the mother as this is sometimes a condition for adoption. 

As you are well aware, Virginia adoption laws have historically adhered to the placement of children in what most closely resembles the natural family. 

Please exchange political correctness for what is in the best interest of children everywhere.

With sincere regards and prayers that you will respect religious freedom,

Kathy G. Mallard




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